Ninth trapped boy rescued from the Thailand cave, operation underway to evacuate the rest

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 10 Jul 2018

Bangkok, July 10: Continuing the complicated evacuation operation, rescuers have pulled out from the Thailand cave one more boy on the third day of the proceedings to take the number of rescued people to ten, the Thai Navy Seal said on Tuesday.

'The 9th Wild Boar was out of the cave at 4:06 pm. Hooyah!' posted Thai Navy Seal on Facebook updating the rescue operation to bring out safely all the trapped members of a football team and their coach in this north Thailand cave.

Three more boys and their football coach are still trapped inside the cave. However, CNN quoting official sources, said ten boys were rescued and only two more and their coach remained inside.

The rescue operation, which started on Sunday, is still going on.

A tenth boy has emerged from deep within a cave complex in northern Thailand, a member of the rescue operations stationed at the entrance of the cave told CNN.

Ivan Karadzic, one of the divers on the international rescue team, told BBC that 'he is filled with awe at how incredibly strong the boys are.'

"I cannot understand how cool these small kids are," he was quoted by BBC in a footage from Royal Thai Navy.

The  boys rescued from the cave in Thailand Monday were wearing full face diving masks while they were carried out of the cave to the make shift hospital nearby, an eyewitness who is part of the rescue operations stationed at the entrance of the cave told media.

"One of the major concerns is oxygen right now. They've been in an area where oxygen levels are low," Dr. Darria Long Gillespie of the University of Tennessee School of Medicine told CNN.

The boys are members of the Wild Boar football team in Thailand.

They went missing since June 23 when heavy rains caused flooding in the caves, trapping them inside.

Divers found them alive last week.

The features inside of the cave are making the rescue operation tough as it involves both diving and climbing by rescue workers.

The team had ventured inside the attraction while it was dry, but a heavy rainfall later inundated the area, making it difficult for the team to return back.

Following days of anxious waiting and searching, the team was found alive by British divers, more than a week later.



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