Canada PM Justin Trudeau marks remembrance day in Vietnam

11 Nov 2017


Ottawa/Hanoi, Nov 11: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked the remembrance day along with the the country's military personnel in Vietnam on Saturday, media reports said.

Trudeau, who is presently in Vietnam, recited a poem and Canada's national anthem, reflecting on the sacrifices made by the country in the past conflicts.


The Remembrance Day is celebrated on Nov. 11 every year to mark the end of the First World War in 1918 and also to recall all those who have died in the course of the war.


The country witnesses a holiday on Nov. 11 every year.


Referring to the sacrifices made by the countrymen in the First World War, Trudeau on Saturday called it the worst horrors of the war.


More than 4000 Canadians were killed with another 12000 injured in the course of the war in Passchendaele.


In a statement, PM Trudeau said: "Today, we pause to remember and honour the Canadian women and men who have served our country and stood on guard for us and the values we hold dear."


"We owe an immeasurable debt to our veterans, to the fallen, and to the families who love them. Just as our servicemen and women have taken care of us, we must also take care of them. It is our sacred duty as a country to be there for our heroes when they need us most.," the PM added.


Julie Payette, new Governor General and Canada's Commander-In-Chief, will mark her first Remembrance Day on Saturday after assuming the post in 2017.


Payette is scheduled to meet other veterans in a programme at the national capital which occurs every year.


Trudeau was in Danang on Saturday as he took part in the leaders's summit for Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation.

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