DR Congo: Ebola case confirmed in Goma
Goma, July 15: A case of Ebola has been reported from Goma city in DR Congo, officials said. Read more>>
Following discussions of possible US sanctions against Russia's state debt: Kremlin

Moscow, July 12 : The Kremlin is closely following the discussion of possible US sanctions against Russia's state debt, but notes that the draft law still has to go through many stages, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

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Groundbreaking cancer-fighting drugs now included in updated UN list of essential medicines

New York, July 10: The UN health agency, WHO, announced on Tuesday that dozens of new drugs have been added to the list of essential medicines that every country should have, including new cancer treatments that can be swallowed rather than injected.

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UN agencies welcome regional road map to help integrate ‘continuing exodus of Venezuelans’

New York, July 9: A new road map adopted by Latin American and Caribbean countries, to help better integrate refugees and migrants from crisis-hit Venezuela into new host societies, drew a warm welcome from two UN agencies on Monday.

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Syria: At least seven children killed in yet another airstrike

New York, July 8: According to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), at least seven children were killed in an airstrike against displaced civilians on Saturday on the village of Mhambel, in the outskirts of Idlib, in northwest Syria. News reports state that over 20 civilians were killed in this attack led by Government forces using missiles and barrel bombs.

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Six children among 53 confirmed fatalities after Libya detention centre airstrikes: Security Council condemns attack

New York, July 6: The toll from Tuesday’s reported airstrikes on a detention centre in the suburbs of Tripoli has risen to 53 dead and more than 130 injured among the “severely traumatized” surviving migrants and refugees, UN aid agencies said on Friday, reiterating their appeal to close all such facilities in the embattled country.

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Pay packet inequality growing worldwide, says new UN report

New York, July 5: Top earners around the world have seen their share of national income rise in the last decade and a half, while everyone else has seen their pay packets shrink by comparison, UN economists reported on Thursday.

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