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'Uprisings by extremist groups in Muslim countries or outside is an ongoing enterprise'
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'Uprisings by extremist groups in Muslim countries or outside is an ongoing enterprise'

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 25 Jul 2020, 08:23 am
Journalist Zahid Arab has described uprisings by extremist groups in Muslim countries or outside as an ongoing enterprise.

In his article published in Al Arabiya, he said: "It may be noted that non-Muslim States have been helping the Muslim States and extremist groups by providing material and training facilities to provide expertise to militant groups in indulging in insurgencies and terrorist activities."

"It took Human Rights groups a long time to realize the damage these groups were causing to ordinary human beings. The United Nations Council (then Commission) on Human Rights took some time to persuade the experts and Special Rapporteurs to constitute a group to monitor these activities," the scribe said in his article titled 'Mujahedeen, mercenaries, foot soldiers and Islam'.

Speaking on the concept of Nationalism, he said: "The concept of Nationalism which underlined the principle of ‘Love and Respect of Motherland’ equally brought forth the schisms within Muslim countries. Strong groups emerged who pleaded the brotherhood and unity of ‘Ummah’ (Islamic community) transcending physical territories of the countries."

"The strict adherence to clans, tribes and traditions which had been followed for hundreds of years and which Islam had sought to banish gained resurgence which resulted in the divisions within Islam. This assertion of different sects gradually created parallel systems, although each sect claimed to be Islamic," he said.

"The rise of Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia proves the point. The sect, founded by Abdul Wahhab, a puritan and so-called fundamentalist was supported by wealthy Al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia. The sect utilized diverse methodologies to disseminate their ideology across the world. Their major appeal was to return to the phase of the era when Islam was founded. The Saudi patronage to the sect enhanced its force and influence," he said.

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