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Navy's Ismail and Shirin the fastest man-woman in 100m sprint

Bangladesh is a tough opponent, pacer Roach wants to keep the focus right

Cold wave in Rangpur, six other regions; temperature drops in Dhaka

Forums form human chain, demand harassment-free immigration

Unity Council demands for prayers in the National Assembly according to the rituals of all religions

Covid-19 kills 21 in a day; 578 new cases identified

Dhaka, January 16: Coronavirus has killed 21 people across the country in the last 24 hours. The death toll from the virus ...

Demand for reinstatement of Muktijoddha quota within a week

Dhaka, January 16: There have been protest rallies and human chains in the capital demanding six points including reinstatement of Muktijoddha quota in government service within a week. The event was held on Friday (January 15) in front of the National Press Club under the banner 'Children and Generations of Freedom Fighters'. Read More>>

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Navy's Ismail and Shirin the fastest man-woman in 100m sprint

Dhaka, January 16: The 44th competition of Bangabandhu National Athletics has started on Friday. The fastest man-woman of the country has been determined on the opening day of the competition. Mohammad Ismail and Shirin Akhter have become the fastest human beings like before. Both of them are naval athletes. Read More>>

Bangladesh is a tough opponent, pacer Roach ... Hayden Walsh Jr ruled out of ODI series after ... 200 runners from home and abroad took part ... West Indies team reach Dhaka


শিল্পদ্রব্যের গুনমাণ: কোথায় চীনের বিশ্বাসযোগ্যতা ...

সীমান্তে অনভিপ্রেত সংঘর্ষের ফলে পারস্পরিক সম্পর্কে উত্তেজনা ছড়ানোয় চীনা পণ্য বর্জনের সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে ভারত। বন্যার জলের মত ঢুকে পড়ে ভারতের বাজার দখল করতে চাওয়া কম দা ... Read More>>

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Bail for Baul artist Rita Dewan


Bail for Baul artist Rita Dewan

Dhaka, January 14: The court has granted bail to Baul artiste Rita Dewan in a case filed under the Digital Security Act alleging insult to God in Palagan. ... Read More>>

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South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches world's biggest Covid-19 vaccination drive

Indian Prime Minister Narendra ...

New Delhi, January 16: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the world's biggest Covid-19 vaccination drive in the nation, which ... Read More>>

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Norway issues coronavirus vaccine caution on elderly as 23 people die days after vaccination

Norway issues coronavirus vaccine ...

Oslo, January 16: Norway has cautioned against vaccinating the very old and terminally ill patients with Coronavirus vaccine after 23 people died in ... Read More>>

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14 passengers arrived in Bangladesh on five flights from the United Kingdom

14 passengers arrived in Bangladesh ...

Dhaka, January 16: On the last day of the 'mandatory 14-day institutional quarantine' rule, 14 passengers arrived in the country on five flights ... Read More>>

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