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Sheikh Hasina wants the authority of international organizations to meet the demand for vaccines

Lockdown extended for another week, notification issued

CID finds Mamunul's involvement in Narayanganj incident

Bhomra Port: Authorities concerned about meeting revenue target

Covid-19 kills 91 more in a day

Covid-19 kills 91 more in a day

Dhaka, April 20: Coronavirus has killed 91 more people across the country in the last 24 hours. Among them were 58 men ...

Take inspiration from the spirit of Liberation War and build ...

Dhaka, April 17: President Md. Abdul Hamid on Mujibnagar Day called upon the people to fulfill their respective responsibilities in building the country inspired by the spirit of liberation war. He made the call in a message on the occasion of the historic 'Mujibnagar Day' on April 17. Read More>>

All heroic freedom fighters will get festival-new ... Historical places commemorating the Liberation ... মুক্তিযুদ্ধে মিত্রবাহিনীর ৩০ সদস্যকে সংবর্ধনা ... Nearly one and a half lakh names in the first ...



শিল্পদ্রব্যের গুনমাণ: কোথায় চীনের বিশ্বাসযোগ্যতা ...

সীমান্তে অনভিপ্রেত সংঘর্ষের ফলে পারস্পরিক সম্পর্কে উত্তেজনা ছড়ানোয় চীনা পণ্য বর্জনের সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে ভারত। বন্যার জলের মত ঢুকে পড়ে ভারতের বাজার দখল করতে চাওয়া কম দা ... Read More>>

Time to be Aware of China Covid 19: Bangladesh Akhaura-Agartala train to roll by 2021 BNP not to abandon Jamaat
Superstar Jeet tests Covid-19 positive, isolates himself



Bhomra Port: Authorities concerned about meeting revenue target

Dhaka, April 20: Bhomra land port in Satkhira is under lockdown to combat the second wave of coronavirus. However, due to the decline in the import of ... Read More>>

IT glitch in Bangladesh Bank stalls EFT services Lockdown: Banks, stock markets to remain ... Banks will be open for special needs Baishakhi dress in stores, no buyers

South Asia

Bhutan puts all southern districts under lockdown

Bhutan puts all southern districts ...

The Bhutanese government on Friday night decided to put all southern border districts under lockdown as authorities detected two positive cases of the ... Read More>>

Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar: India to provide ... Indian Army Chief presents one lakh vaccines ... Indian Army Chief in Dhaka on a 5-day visit Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanks ...


Suffering of expatriates in getting tickets of Saudi Airlines decreases

Suffering of expatriates in getting ...

Dhaka, April 19: The suffering of expatriate workers to get Saudi Airlines tickets has been reduced. As a result of the sincerity of the airline authorities, ... Read More>>

Shahjalal Airport cancels seven special flights Special flights for expats in five countries ... Police to issue Movement Pass during lockdown Domestic flights suspended until April 20