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Road accident kills two, injures three in Feni

Students to get new books on the first day of 2021

Foreign reserve exceeds $41 billion

Another 19 die of Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Paris: People mourn Nice knife attack

Naval officer assault: Irfan Salim jailed for a year

Dhaka, Oct 27: Ward councilor Irfan Salim, son of Dhaka-7 MP Haji Salim, and his bodyguard Mohammad Zahid, have been jailed for a year by a RAB mobile court. They were sent to jail on Monday night.

Bangladeshi peacekeeper killed in accident in Central African Republic

Dhaka, October 27: A Bangladeshi peacekeeper died in a road accident in Central African Republic.

RAB nabs lawmaker Haji Salim's son over naval officer's assault

Dhaka, October 26: RAB has arrested Mohammad Irfan Salim, a councilor of Dhaka South City Corporation's (DSCC) 30th ward and son of Dhaka-7 MP Haji Salim, for assaulting a naval officer.

More than 8,000 doctors, health workers affected by Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Dhaka, 28 October 2020: The number of coronavirus infected doctors and nurses in the country stood at 8,084. Of them, 2,852 are doctors, 1,966 are nurses and 3,266 are officials and employees.

Hindu community observe Bijoya Dasami

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ২৬ অক্টোবর ২০২০: ষষ্ঠী তিথিতে বেলতলায় ‘আনন্দময়ীর’ নিদ্রাভঙ্গের বন্দনায় যে উৎসবের সূচনা হয়েছিল, দশমী তিথিতে প্রতিমা বিসর্জনে তার সাঙ্গ হল সোমবার। ‘বাবার বাড়ি বেড়ানো’ শেষে দেবী দুর্গা এক বছরের জন্য ফিরে গেলেন ‘কৈলাসের শ্বশুরালয়ে’; সমাপ্তি হল বাঙালি হিন্দুর সবচেয়ে বড় পার্বণ শারদীয় দুর্গোৎসবের।

Covid-19 infection toll crosses 4,00,000; 15 die within 24 hours

Dhaka, October 26: In the last 24 hours, 15 people have died due to coronavirus in the country. Moreover, by the 233rd day of coronavirus detection, the number of people infected with the virus has exceeded 4,00,000, besides more than 3,00,000 people have recovered from the disease, an official press release notified.

Bijoya Dasami: Hindu community to bid adieu to Durga idols today

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ২৬ অক্টোবর ২০২০: আজ সোমবার বিজয়া দশমী। এ দিনে প্রতিমা বিসর্জনের মধ্য দিয়ে সনাতন ধর্মাবলম্বীদের পাঁচদিনব্যাপি দুর্গাপূজার আনুষ্ঠানিক সমাপ্তি ঘটবে। চন্ডীপাঠ, বোধন এবং দেবীর অধিবাসের মধ্য দিয়ে ২২অক্টোবর বৃহস্পতিবার থেকে স্বাস্থ্য বিধি মেনে শুরু হয় বাঙালি হিন্দু সম্প্রদায়ের সবচেয়ে বড় ধর্মীয় উৎসব শারদীয় দুর্গাপূজা। এবার দেবী এসেছেন দোলায়,যাবেন গজে চড়ে।

School students to get two-day weekly holidays

Dhaka, October 26: The Ministry of Public Administration has finalised the draft list of holidays for the 2021 academic year. The proposed list will be presented to the Cabinet for approval.

Dhaka urges strong support from Tokyo to resolve Rohingya crisis

Dhaka, October 26: Dhaka sought Tokyo's strong support in resolving the Rohingya crisis by creating a conducive environment for the safe, sustainable and dignified repatriation of displaced Rohingyas from Bangladesh using Japan's relations with Myanmar. A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the assistance was sought during a meeting beeting Bangladesh's Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen and Japan's Ambassador to Bangladesh Naoki Ito on Sunday in the capital.

Mask usage a state order, says cabinet

Dhaka, October 26: Wearing masks has been made mandatory in all government and non-government institutions, markets, mosques and other places of worship, in a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday.

COVID-19: Bangladesh government imposes strict mask wearing measures

The Bangladesh government has decided not to provide its service to any person who is not wearing a mask, a measure taken to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in the nation.

Chittagong road accident kills one motorcycle rider

A motorcyclist named Tariqul Alam, 26, was killed when a car van collided with a truck on the Chittagong-Cox's Bazar highway in Patia. Two others injured in the incident have been admitted to Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital.

Bangladesh is a unique example of communal harmony

The indomitable pace of progress of the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has angered those who want to push the country backwards with various tactics.

Padma Setu: Five kilometre observable

The 34th span of the Padma Bridge has come to an end in just six days. This span named ‘2A’ has been successfully placed on the 6th and 7th poles on the Mawa side this Sunday morning.

Govts post 1975 have instilled corruption in Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the governments that have been in power illegally since 1975 have sown the seeds of corruption.