'Border killings' stigmatise Dhaka-Delhi relations: AK Abdul Momen Bangladesh-India
Collected Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen

'Border killings' stigmatise Dhaka-Delhi relations: AK Abdul Momen

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 18 Dec 2020, 12:23 pm

Dhaka, December 18: Relations between Bangladesh and India are very warm, but it is being tarnished by some negative elements like killings on the border, said Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.

The foreign minister made the remarks at a press conference after a virtual meeting between Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (December 17).

Regarding the unresolved issues, including border killings, Abdul Momen said, "We are Bangladeshis, we are also disappointed. However, we believe that it can be resolved through negotiations. We have come a long way. Even today, the Prime Minister of India has promised, "No lethal weapons will be used." We want to believe them. We don't want a single person to die at the border. But sadly such incidents are happening from time to time. Such a beautiful relationship between the two countries. But it creates scandal about them."

"The Prime Minister of India himself has said that non-lethal weapons will be used," the minister said.

Asked if there was any talk of a Teesta treaty, the foreign minister said, "We have raised the issue."

"The Indian government has already agreed to the Teesta, but it has not been implemented," he said. "We have said that we do not want to embarrass you by raising the Teesta issue. But it is important for us. At the same time we asked about the other six rivers. They answered in one line."

Asked what they had said, the minister said, "They have said about Teesta, they are discussing to work together with everyone."

Asked about India's concerns about the Rohingya, he said, "They say it needs to be resolved quickly. Because, otherwise terrorist activities may take place in this area. That is why whatever needs to be done in this regard, they will agree with us. They also said the only solution is for them to return."

Asked what India wanted, Abdul Momen said, "They have got a lot out of good relations. They have no trouble at the eastern border and what can be better than that? Theirs and our products are sold because of the connectivity and it is very good. Business is booming because of good relations between Canada and America and we are trying too. Our people go there (in India) to get health care. Again many of them come here for jobs. That's what we said."