Awami League leader Ruma was thrown with the body August 21 Grenade Attack
Collected Rasheda Akhter Ruma

Awami League leader Ruma was thrown with the body

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 21 Aug 2023, 10:33 pm

Special Report, Dhaka, 21 August 2023: 21 August 2004. In front of the central office of Awami League on Bangabandhu Avenue, a temporary stage was built on a truck and an anti-terrorism, militancy and anti-corruption rally was going on. At 5:22 in the afternoon, the stage shook with a loud sound the moment the then opposition leader Sheikh Hasina finished her speech. Thirteen grenades exploded in a span of just one and a half minutes, filling the air with smoke. A total of 24 people were killed in this grenade attack, including Ivy Rahman, the top leader of Awami League and late President Zillur Rahman's wife. Hundreds of party and organization leaders and supporters were injured.

Rasheda Akhter Ruma, women's affairs editor of Kotwali Thana Awami League, was seriously injured in that attack in 2004. Presently she is the vice-president of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami Mahila League.

Ruma said, we came to Bangabandhu Avenue around 2 o'clock that day. At 3:25 our leader came. It was very hot that day. I had many workers with me during that summer. On that day we had decided that we would take a procession from the stadium gate to Dhanmondi number 32. Aunty Ivy and I were the first to raise our right foot, the first grenade landed on us. Then Auntie Ivy fell, and so did I. After that I had no idea. After falling, the splinters of the grenade hit the body. I lost 18 teeth due to the impact. Later 22 stitches were done, chest stitch, hand stitch. I have had 17 operations at home and abroad.

Recalling the incident of that day, the injured Ruma said, "I don't know how long I was there." When it is near dusk I see that the lights are on. I opened my eyes and saw Aunt Ivy sitting in front of me. And blood on one side of me. My clothes are torn on one side, my right leg is missing. And see that blood, bag, sandals are lying. As I was opening my eyes some people came running and grabbed me. Then I passed out. Later I came to know that I was taken to Dhaka Medical (DMH) in a police car. At Dhaka Medical they threw me with the dead body and covered me with a white cloth. When they wrapped the white cloth and threw it with the body, I screamed because the people there were running, maybe someone was hurt. Then a girl and Saber's brother were in front. The girl said, 'Brother, I heard screams from inside the body. It seems that someone is alive! Then Saber's brother rescued me and sent me to Bangladesh Medical along with the girl in his car.