Baishteki-Jayanagar Canal is clear now Canal Cleaning
Collected Mirpur Baishteki and Joynagar Canal

Baishteki-Jayanagar Canal is clear now

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 02 Dec 2023, 10:21 am

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 2 December 2023: Baishteki and Jayanagar canals of Mirpur in the capital were once heaps of garbage including plastic. It was covered with water hyacinth and leaves. When it rained during the rainy season, the water would get stuck. Waterlogging was created in the city.

And during the dry season, Culex mosquitoes used to breed in the dirty water of the canal. The two canals kept the people living on both sides uncomfortable throughout the year. Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has cleaned Baishteki and Jayanagar canals to free the citizens from this situation. Water flow is created in the canal. Fruit and medicinal trees are being planted on both sides of the canal. The people of the neighborhood are going to roam around the canals in the morning and afternoon.

Local residents have expressed satisfaction with this initiative of DNCC. They said that earlier animals and birds used to walk on the piles of garbage accumulated in the two canals. There was hardly any water flow in the canal. And it was difficult to walk in the canal due to the stench of accumulated rotten water during the dry season. The people of the area are very happy now that the canal has been cleaned. In this way, people will benefit if all the canals of the city are kept clean.

"During the dry season, the water in the canal decreases. Culex mosquitoes breed in the accumulated dirty water. Therefore, under the guidance of DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam, we are working to clean the two canals. We are monitoring the matter so that mosquitoes do not breed in the canal and no one throws garbage," said Assistant Health Officer, DNCC.