BNP is more dangerous than dengue: Information Minister BNP | Dengue
PID Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr. Hashan Mahmud spoke at the Aedes mosquito control and awareness raising program organized by Krishak League.

BNP is more dangerous than dengue: Information Minister

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 04 Aug 2023, 11:15 pm

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 4 August 2023: Awami League Joint General Secretary and Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud said that dengue mosquito is deadly, BNP is even more deadly. BNP is more deadly than dengue in many cases. He said these things at the dengue (Aeds) mosquito control and awareness program organized by Krishak League in Khamarbari roundabout area of the capital on Friday.

"BNP burns cars, burns people, burns living people. In many cases, BNP is more deadly than dengue mosquitoes," he said, referring to dengue mosquitoes biting, BNP lighting fires.

He said, "Leaders and activists have stood by the people in all dangers including the corona epidemic. Awami League and Awami League's affiliated organizations have stood by the people of the country. Just as they are protecting health, they have also stood by the people with food."

He also said, "Five leaders of Awami League have died of corona while standing by the people during the corona epidemic. 12 members of parliament of our party have died of corona."

The information minister said, "Thousands of people are infected with dengue in the country today. Many people have already died. In many countries, the rate of dengue is much higher than ours. The death rate is also high there. Our government is trying its best to control it."

Stating that dengue control will be under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the information minister said, "Social movement is needed to control dengue, political programs are needed, no party has given any program for dengue mosquito control or dengue mosquito eradication. Today, farmers are going to start it."

He further said, "Say dengue mosquito control, stand by the farmers, during Corona they are nowhere to be seen except for occasional photo sessions. Now there is the agenda of why Tarique Zia and Zubaida Rahman is being punished. They don't do politics for the people. BNP's politics is for Begum Khaleda Zia, Tarique Zia and their families.

Dr. Hashan Mahmud said, "BNP is a party that does not allow anyone to conduct member elections. It does not allow to conduct city corporation council elections, it expels people when they are elected. Why should people stay in this party? The party that does not hold any elections? This is BNP."

He further alleged, "Tarique Rahman and Khaleda Zia want BNP as a baton force. They don't want BNP in Parliament, they don't want BNP in Union Parishad."