Corruption causing damages everywhere like cancer: Newly appointed Chief Justice Chief Justice
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Corruption causing damages everywhere like cancer: Newly appointed Chief Justice

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 14 Sep 2023, 04:23 pm

Dhaka, Sept 14: Newly appointed Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan said that corruption is causing damages everywhere like cancer.

He said, "As my predecessors have tried, I will try with my colleagues to reduce this corruption."

Obaidul Hasan, the 24th Chief Justice of the country, said these things while talking to reporters at his office on Wednesday. Earlier on Tuesday, the President appointed this judge of the Appellate Division as the Chief Justice. The appointment will be effective from the date of swearing in, the notification issued in this regard stated.

The current Chief Justice Hasan Foez Siddiqui's tenure is ending on September 25. After that, Justice Obaidul Hasan will replace him after taking oath.

The new Chief Justice said about the lawyers, the judges are doing the work of the judges just like them. Let me just say one thing, those who are involved in politics or lawyer friends who are involved in politics, do politics. But within the court, let them show tolerance in the court. They should be respectful to each other.

Justice Obaidul Hasan said, "Our litigation or the long process of litigation is an old disease. I will try so that this disease does not become chronic. After taking the oath, I will talk to the judges of both divisions of the Supreme Court and follow the steps taken by the predecessors."

Justice Obaidul Hasan said about the dynamics of the judicial department, "I will try to see if this judicial department can be made a little more dynamic or not. All our colleagues in both the divisions of the Supreme Court and the subordinate courts are urged to consider the work of this judiciary as their own work. Only if you think it will be possible. Of the five cases we can dispose of, it will be five to seven if we consider it our work. If we can increase the number of settlements, the backlog will be reduced to a large extent. Hope that will be possible to some extent."