Dissension with Tarique: Top BNP leaders want new programme BNP
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Dissension with Tarique: Top BNP leaders want new programme

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 04 Dec 2023, 01:38 pm

Dhaka, Dec 4: BNP's chairman Tarique Rahman and the leaders of the party's standing committee do not agree on the programme of the anti-government movement. Senior leaders want to break the ongoing strike and hold meetings or such programmes. However, the high command of the party did not take this proposal into consideration and persisted in the strike-blockade. This information is known from reliable sources of BNP.

Despite the pent-up anger and frustration among the leaders of Dhaka, no one wants to speak publicly. BNP and its like-minded political parties have been holding a strike-blockade programmes since the conflict in Dhaka's Naya Paltan mass meeting on October 28. In addition to these programmes being held loosely for the first few days, the leaders and activists were not present in the streets. BNP's senior joint general secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi and the top five-seven leaders of the party are seen taking part in jhatka protests in different parts of the country including Dhaka.

Members of various parties, some allied organizations and some district leaders were seen in the street procession. Apart from this, activists are not coming to the field. During the strike-blockade, on the one hand, the strict stance of the members of the law and order forces and on the other hand, the absence of most of the leaders and activists on the streets, the ongoing programme is facing a lot of trouble. Intercommunication systems are operational even if long distance vehicles are stopped. Common people are also being forced to go out for the sake of livelihood. That is why BNP is thinking of new programme considering the overall situation. In this regard, a meeting programme is being proposed by the senior leaders of Dhaka. But the acting chairman of the party, Tarique Rahman, is finalizing the programme based on the opinion of the leaders who are on the ground in the movement, according to several top leaders of the party who do not wish to reveal their names.