Do not act in such a way as to be disgraceful to public: EC to Returning Officers Election Commission
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Do not act in such a way as to be disgraceful to public: EC to Returning Officers

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 04 Dec 2023, 12:30 pm

Dhaka, Dec 4: The Election Commission (EC) has directed the Returning Officers not to do anything that is derogatory or biased to the people. At the same time, the commission has also given instructions to take steps to increase the voter turnout in the 12th National Assembly elections.

This instruction was given in a circular signed by Md. Atiyar Rahman, Deputy Secretary of the Election Management Branch of the EC, on Sunday (December 3), which was sent to the returning officers of 300 constituencies.

The instructions to the Returning Officers state that they should not act in a way that would bring discredit to the competent authorities or the local people and should act in accordance with the law and regulations to ensure that no prejudice is created among them. In order to increase the number of voters, the EC has instructed the officials to organize a joint meeting with the district administration and upazila administration to encourage everyone to vote, to keep in touch with the leaders of the local political parties. In the circular, EC has instructed to work in the light of law, rules and code of conduct so that no influence or interference from any particular quarters can undermine the impartiality of elections.

In order to create an assured environment for the voters to come to the polling booths smoothly and comfortably, mobile units of law and order should be deployed for intensive patrolling, security measures should be strengthened in vulnerable areas and important polling stations, and after the finalization of the polling station list, extensive pre-election publicity about the location of the polling stations, the circular said. will be

As per the schedule announced by the EC, the selection of nomination papers will continue till December 4. Appeals against the decision of the Returning Officer can be filed and disposed of in the Commission from December 5 to 15, last date for withdrawal of candidature is December 17. The returning officers will allot the symbols on December 18. The election campaign will continue till 8 am on January 5. And the polling will be on January 7 (Sunday).