Eid: Bangladesh cities witnessing excessive crowd of buyers despite Corona fear Bangladesh

Eid: Bangladesh cities witnessing excessive crowd of buyers despite Corona fear

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 02 May 2021, 01:12 pm

Dhaka, May 2, 2021: Ignoring the fear of Corona, the people of the capital are busy shopping for Eid.

People of different ages are rushing from one market to another on Saturday to buy their favorite items. Every market is crowded with shoppers. In this case, there is no social distance between them or any urge to follow the hygiene rules. It is also difficult to find a place to set foot in some markets.

In the capital's New Market, one was seen walking side by side with the other. Children who came to the market for Eid shopping with their parents were not seen wearing masks. Vendors say that today, May 1, is a public holiday, so the crowd of buyers is much higher. The sellers said that the sales in almost every market are also satisfactory.

The death toll from the Corona epidemic is rising every day. Infections are also on the rise. Despite the government's strict restrictions, there is no fear of corona among the city dwellers or the general public. Even in this crisis, they are shopping for Eid in peace. As per the decision of the government, shops and shopping malls are open from 10 am to 8 pm every day. However, the instructions said that everyone should be traded according to the health rules.

Such pictures were seen while visiting various shopping malls and markets in the capital from noon to afternoon on Saturday. Markets like New Market, Gauchia, Mouchak, Shah Ali Shopping Complex in Mirpur, which are especially popular among the middle class, are full of buyers. Stay away from physical distance in the shops in front of New Market and Gauchia Market, people have been seen shopping. Many of the buyers and sellers had masks on their faces but they were not worn properly.

The third phase of the government's two-pronged ban on coronavirus infection is underway. The role of the police in controlling public gatherings and traffic at the beginning of the ban has faded over time. On the other hand, in the third phase of the lockdown, due to the severe traffic jam in the capital, the people who are going out in case of emergency are suffering. I had to stay stuck for 15-20 minutes due to traffic jam somewhere.