Eid Jatra: People flock to Sadarghat at night Eid
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Eid Jatra: People flock to Sadarghat at night

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 01 May 2022, 04:58 pm

Dhaka, May 1, 2022: Homeless people descended on the Sadarghat launch terminal of the capital on the occasion of Eid.

As night falls, the crowd of homebound people continues to grow. Hundreds of thousands of people returned home from Sadarghat on Saturday (April 30) night with about 200 launches.

Sadarghat has turned around at night, some launches going to Barisal, Bhola and Shariatpur are carrying extra passengers to cope with the pressure of passengers.

One of them is Prince Awlad, a Shariatpur-bound launch. Passengers of Damudya-Goshairhat in Shariatpur also protested against the extra passengers. They complain, there is no place to stand inside. Passengers are still being picked up. The weather is bad. I will not go home with the risk of life if extra passengers are picked up in this way.

As soon as night falls on this day, people going to Bhola, Barisal, Barguna, Patuakhali and Shariatpur are flocking to Sadarghat. It is learned that about 200 launches left Sadarghat at night. However, there is no pressure on passengers at Ponton 18 to 25 in Chandpur. Passengers of this route are leaving Sadarghat with relief. Members of Naval Police, Fire Service, RAB, DMP are active all the time.

The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) control room at Sadarghat said the passenger pressure would increase further on Sunday morning. Chandpur-bound passengers will increase the pressure on the moon. Passengers of this route leave Dhaka via Sadarghat at the last moment due to short distance.