Eid: Maximum clothes labourers get salary, bonus Bangladesh Eid

Eid: Maximum clothes labourers get salary, bonus

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 01 May 2022, 05:21 pm

Dhaka, May 1, 2022: Faruk Hasan Sarkar, president of the Garment Industry Owners' Association (BGMEA), has said that salaries and allowances have been paid to 100% of the garment factories. He made the remarks on Saturday (April 30).

He thanked the law enforcers, labor leaders and all concerned including the workers and said that the brothers and sisters of the garment industry are going to celebrate the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr with their families.

Addressing the garment industry entrepreneurs, he said, "We thank you for paying due dues to the working brothers and sisters in spite of hundreds of limitations by maintaining the continuity of the previous year."

Farooq Hasan said that 100 per cent of the factories have been given festival allowance and as per the decision of the government, advance salary has been paid in April. Eid holidays have been provided in 100% of the factories. As per the directions of the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Minister of State for Labor, the entrepreneurs are giving leave on different dates and twice a day in different areas depending on the occasion of Eid. The workers have been on leave since last Wednesday. All the working brothers and sisters will leave Dhaka by today.

The BGMEA president said that according to the information received, the traffic on the highways has come down this time due to the holidays being given on different dates and at different times. He thanked the government for taking various steps to reduce traffic congestion on the highways and make the Eid procession easier and safer, especially for smooth running of ongoing development projects without compromising the public interest.

He also requested the government to complete the development projects in the shortest possible time to accelerate the economic progress of the country.

He said that with the completion of the development projects, the traffic congestion situation on the highways would be greatly improved in the coming days and people would be able to travel for Eid without any hindrance.

At the request of BGMEA, to facilitate the payment of wages and allowances to the workers on 29th April and 30th April, to keep the banking activities limited, to Bangladesh Bank and to continue the urgent activities including import and export of garment industry from 29th April to 4th May (excluding Eid days). Faruk Hasan thanked the National Board of Revenue for keeping the customs houses and customs stations open.