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Elections: Going into battle with Awami League, says Jatiya Party Secretary General

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 07 Dec 2023, 01:24 am

Own correspondent, Dhaka, 7 December 2023: General Secretary of Jatiya Party Md. Mujibul Haque Chunnu dismissed the possibility of alliance with the ruling Awami League and seat sharing. Regarding the statement of Information Minister Hashan Mahmud that the Jatiya Party may be with the Awami League this time, Chunnu said, "He became emotional. We are not a part of the grand coalition."

Jatiya Party Secretary General Md. Mujibul Haque Chunnu answered various questions from the media at the Banani office of Jatiya Party Chairman on Wednesday. Referring to the information minister's indication that Japa will be in the grand alliance, Chunnu said, "I don't know how he indicates. Because if we want to be in the grand alliance or in the alliance, we have to inform the EC in a letter within a certain period. He can say emotionally, but we are the alliance, not the grand alliance. Individually. We have gone to war with boats with ploughs. We will fight, elections will be fought with them."

Earlier on Tuesday, the information minister said at the secretariat, "Jatiya Party has nominated around 300 seats. I congratulate them for the way they have entered the election battle. We formed a grand alliance with Jatiya Party in 2008, they were with us last time as well, there is a possibility that it will happen this time too.”

Regarding the meeting with the Awami League and seat sharing, Chunnu said, "We have been contacted by the Awami League. They said that they want to talk to us about the election environment. After discussing with the chairman, we have decided that we will talk to them. However, The venue of the meeting has not been fixed yet."

Regarding seat sharing, he said, "We are not in any such negotiation. Our only negotiation is with the EC, that the election should be fair. A good environment, a credible environment, that the voters should have confidence to come. Even if we talk to the Awami League, the discussion is about the environment of this election." There will be. We are not aware of any such indication that there will be any discussion beyond this. It has not been said that there will be a discussion on any subject."

He said, "We have not received any such proposal officially. We have received an official proposal regarding the election environment and situation."