Error in typing: President sends back labour law passed in Parliament President
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Error in typing: President sends back labour law passed in Parliament

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 07 Dec 2023, 04:48 pm

Dhaka, Dec 7: The President returned the labour law passed by Parliament over a typing error that undermined workers' rights. Law Minister Anisul Huq said this while talking to reporters at his office in the Secretariat on Wednesday. He also said that when the new parliament sits after the elections, the error will be corrected.

The law minister said, "The thing is, when the labor law was passed by the parliament, there was an error when it went to the parliament before it was passed. Turns out, it's not another error, it's a typing error. That is, there is a punishment in the law for the employers if they treat the workers illegally in one place. It was a little misplaced. What was supposed to be section 1 of 294, instead of being that, has become something else."

He said, "You know, many bills were passed very quickly in the last parliament. That's why this mistake was caught later. Due to which the Ministry of Labor went to the President for his signature, since it was observed that the rights of the workers could be undermined, the issue of error was presented to the President."

Stating that the President has sent the bill to the National Assembly without signing it, the Minister said, "Since it has been passed by the Parliament, this part has to be amended. The law will have to go back to parliament for this amendment. That means, now that the schedule has been announced and the current Parliament will not be in session, it will be presented in the new Parliament that sits after the elections and the wrongs will be rectified and the workers' rights will be protected."

"When the government found that the rights given to the workers were flawed and would undermine the rights of the workers, the government informed the office of the president. The President made the right decision in his legal judgment. Now what will be done to send it to the national parliament is to present it again in the parliament," he added.