Fanciful statements by celebrities can mislead people: EC Bangladesh
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Fanciful statements by celebrities can mislead people: EC

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 03 Dec 2023, 12:42 pm

Dhaka, 3 December 2023 : The Election Commission (EC) has responded to the statements made by eminent persons in the media, 'Kazi Habibul Awal Commission is not involved in the implementation of the rules of the Election Commission'.

The agency says such fabricated statements by prominent people on talk shows and various newspapers can mislead the public. That is why the constitutional institution has highlighted the real position of EC laws and regulations.

On Saturday, December 2, the public relations wing of the Election Commission said that the EC's real position was highlighted, some of the prominent people are commenting on talk shows or in newspapers, the Election Commission is indifferent to the implementation of the rules of conduct.

Such concocted statements by prominent figures in the media can mislead the public. As a constitutional body, it can negatively affect the election of the National Assembly by losing public confidence in the Election Commission, which is not desirable at all. Because of this, the actual position of the law and rules has been revealed.

According to the agency, there is a statutory regulation called Political Candidates Conduct Rules, 2008 to regulate the conduct of campaigning in general elections and by-elections of the National Assembly. According to rule number 5 of these rules, political parties, nominated candidates or independent candidates have to follow the instructions stated in rules number 6 to 14 of the rules.

In this case, the main subject of the code of conduct is political parties and candidates. A candidate can be a party nominee or an independent. Rule number 12 of the rules says 21 days before. This means candidates will not get more than 21 days to campaign.