Finland wants to build waste storage facility in Chittagong Chittagong City Corporation
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Finland wants to build waste storage facility in Chittagong

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 24 Aug 2023, 07:41 pm

Dhaka, August 24: The Finnish company Haba Group wants to build a state-of-the-art underground waste storage facility for the Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) area. On Wednesday, a delegation of three members of Haba Group met with CCC Mayor Md. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury and expressed this interest.

During the meeting, the delegation of Haba Group made a presentation to the Mayor and highlighted the benefits of using this technology in the context of Bangladesh. The delegation included Haba Group CEO Harry Soloma, Marketing Director Roshdi Ibrahim and Zahedul Alam Robin.

CCC Mayor said that the waste management of Chittagong is being organized more than any other time as the citizens are very aware. But now we have to move towards cost-effective, technology-based and environment-friendly waste management. I want to modernize the waste management of Chittagong by 2024 to reduce the suffering of the citizens due to street waste.

Harry Soloma, chief executive officer of Haba Group, who was in the delegation, said that in Chittagong, after collecting waste from houses in the conventional method of garbage disposal, the waste is dumped in the roadside waste collection station (STS). Later, the workers of the clean department of the city corporation collected the waste and took it to the landfill. In this way, citizens suffer from the stench of STS waste on the roads. At the same time, garbage on the road creates an unsightly situation.

If CCC agrees to solve this problem, Haba Group will build an underground waste storage facility, so that the garbage will not be seen or smelled. This modern waste collection facility will have the technology of compaction of waste through hydraulic pressure. As a result, twice as much waste can be collected in the same place than before. City Corporation's clean department staff will automatically receive a message when this modern technology waste storage facility is full. The waste will then be collected and taken to the landfill by CCC workers. The whole process is environmentally friendly on the one hand, on the other hand will reduce citizen suffering, save fuel consumption of CCC.

In the context of the discussion, the mayor asked the concerned officials of CCC to verify the possible place and feasibility of implementing this project.