Government orders closure of all madrasas except orphanages Madrasa
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Government orders closure of all madrasas except orphanages

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 07 Apr 2021, 01:13 pm

Dhaka, April 7: The government has ordered the closure of all madrassas (residential and non-residential) in the country, including the Qawmi Madrasa, except for the orphanage, until further notice. The Technical and Madrasa Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued a notification in this regard on Tuesday (April 6), saying that no slackness can be shown in following this instruction.

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) on March 29 issued a notification on the closure of all educational institutions, including madrassas, due to the recent alarming rise in corona virus (Covid-19) infection. Currently, lockdown is in force in the country. Earlier, the government decided to close all educational institutions in the country till May 22.

But despite government directives, some residential and non-residential madrassas are still open in different parts of the country, which poses a serious health risk in the current Covid situation.

The circular requested that all madrasas (residential and non-residential), including the Qawmi Madrasa (except the orphanage), be closed until further notice. No relaxation can be shown in following this instruction.

The directive was issued with the approval of the appropriate authorities, it said, adding that it would take effect immediately.

Educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed since March 17 after the first corona patient was identified on March 8 last year. After a few steps, the school-college was to open on March 30 and the university on May 24. But the school-college holiday has been extended to May 22 as the corona infection has further increased.

Last Tuesday (April 6), 7,213 people were infected with corona in the country and 66 people died, which is a record in the country.