Government to rehabilitate farmers till next boro season Farmer Rehabilitation
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Government to rehabilitate farmers till next boro season

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 17 Apr 2022, 09:07 am

Dhaka, April 17: The government will rehabilitate the cropless farmers with fertilizers and seeds till the next borough. VGF assistance will be provided for the farmers so that they do not suffer from hunger. Agriculture Minister Dr Mohammad Abdur Razzak said this after inspecting the damaged dam at Chapati Haor in Dirai upazila of Sunamganj on Saturday.

The minister said there is no food shortage, no crisis, no wailing in the country. So the farmers of Haor will not go without food. The farmers of Haor are helpless to nature. But the government will always be by the side of the cropless farmers.

He added that if the boro crop is damaged, it will affect the country's economy. Every year the farmer's crop is damaged. Some of the reasons we have identified. The rice varieties that are cultivated take time to ripen. The work of crop protection dam is not as expected. Therefore, the work of the dam needs to be further improved.

Necessary steps will be taken to protect the dams in the future, he said, adding that the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Development Board, District Administration, Upazila Administration and people's representatives have to play an important role in this. In this case, the dam will be protected and the amount of damage will be reduced. The area's long-standing demand is for river dredging. Dams alone will not protect crops. For this, the water capacity of the river has to be increased.

The agriculture minister said if all the paddy in the haor is wasted then the price of rice will definitely go up. Then no one will say that the price of rice has gone up as the paddy of Haor has sunk. Everyone, including the opposition, will then ask the food minister, agriculture minister and prime minister for answers.

The minister said, "I will tell the Prime Minister about the corruption irregularities in the construction of PIC dam. I will also talk about the work of crop protection dam in Haor so that it can be started before December every year."