Hajj registration deadline extended again Hajj
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Hajj registration deadline extended again

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 07 Apr 2023, 01:05 pm

Dhaka, April 7: The registration period for Hajj has been extended for the eighth time. As the quota has not been fulfilled, a notification has been issued by the Ministry of Religion on Thursday extending the registration period for pilgrims till April 11.

As per the latest extension, the Hajj registration period ends on Wednesday. But still about 8,000 pilgrims are left to register to fulfill the quota.

According to the notice of extension of time, the period of Hajj registration for government management and private management has been extended till April 11. Pre-registration series is open for registration in both public and private management and there is an opportunity to go for Hajj by fresh pre-registration in both management. The notification also informed that once the quota is filled, the registration server will be closed automatically.

This time the registration is very slow due to the increase in the cost of Hajj. Earlier, the quota could not be fulfilled despite extending the time seven times. Due to the reduction in service prices in Saudi Arabia, the cost of performing Hajj from Bangladesh this year has also been reduced by 11 thousand 725 taka. But still there was no response.

The Holy Hajj will be held on June 27 (9 Zilhj) this year subject to moon sighting. According to the Hajj agreement with Saudi Arabia, 1,27,198 people from Bangladesh will be able to perform Hajj this time. Out of this, 15,000 people will get opportunity to perform Hajj under government management and remaining 1,12,198 people under private management.

According to Hajj portal data, a total of 1,92,212 pilgrims have been registered till 9:30 pm on Thursday. Among them, 9,996 people have been registered officially and 1,09,216 people have been registered privately. There are still 7,986 pilgrims left to register to fulfill the quota.