If BNP comes to power, it will destroy the country: Prime Minister Hasina BNP | Awami League
PID Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed a reception given to Bangladeshi expatriates in London on Sunday

If BNP comes to power, it will destroy the country: Prime Minister Hasina

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 08 May 2023, 09:39 pm

Dhaka, May 8: Referring to BNP as 'vote thief', Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the countrymen not to cast their votes in their favor. She said, they (BNP-Jamaat) will destroy Bangladesh. So be careful, so that BNP-Jamaat does not come to power again.

The Prime Minister said these things at a civic reception given to Bangladeshi expatriates in the UK at Marriott Hotel in London on Sunday. Expressing hope that the Awami League will win the next election as the people are with them, she said, "Inshallah, the people will give us the opportunity to serve them. That's why everyone (leaders) should work with confidence. Because we will win the election."

The Prime Minister said that BNP-Jamaat has smuggled the country's money abroad. Thus they destroyed the country. How can people trust them? Calling BNP a 'vote thief', the Prime Minister said, "Tarique Zia was a vote thief, his mother is a vote thief, how dare they call us a vote thief?"

Sheikh Hasina said, Awami League did not come to power by rigging people's votes. Elected by popular vote. Awami League did not seize or steal power.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Hasina asked BNP leaders how many parties participated in the February 15, 1996 elections and how many votes were cast.

The Prime Minister promised that Bangladesh will be a smart Bangladesh by 2041. "We have formulated the Delta 2100 plan. The country must move forward."

She said, there will be no more homeless, landless people in the country. No man shall be without food.

Referring to the 2008 election, the prime minister said, "What was the result of that election? How many seats did the BNP's 20-party alliance get? The 20-party alliance won 29 seats in the election and later a total of 30 seats, including one in the by-election. And the remaining seats went to the Awami League. led by the Grand Alliance."