Ministers give strong message against corruption-syndicate Cabinet
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Ministers give strong message against corruption-syndicate

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 15 Jan 2024, 01:08 pm

Dhaka, Jan 15: After taking charges, the cabinet members of the new government have given a strong message against corruption and syndicates.

Some have declared jihad against corruption, some have said there will be zero tolerance against corruption. Someone else said that no syndicate can exist in Bangladesh. Most of the Ministers and Ministers of State have said the message of forming a people-friendly government by stopping syndicates and corruption.

Awami League won absolute victory in the 12th National Parliament election held on January 7. After that, a new cabinet was formed with 36 people including 25 ministers and 11 state ministers along with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The members of the new cabinet held their first office on Sunday (January 14). On the first day most of the ministers spoke against corruption. Along with this, they also gave the message of increasing employment in the country, building a smart Bangladesh, and managing a smart market. They also gave a message of hope to keep the prices of daily necessities within the reach of consumers.

Analysts and economists are seeing the minister-state minister's speech against corruption and syndicate as positive on the first working day. They say, the big problem of our country is corruption. There is a glimpse of a change in the words of ministers and ministers of state. The election manifesto of Awami League has also said about this. The extent to which the message given by the Ministers and Ministers of State against corruption and syndicates is implemented remains to be seen.

On the first day of the minister and state ministers such comments give a glimpse of change or not? When asked such a question, they said, it gives a glimpse. To what extent that vision is implemented, it will be seen in the future.

AB Mirza Azizul Islam, the advisor of the former caretaker government and eminent economist, said, "The comments of the ministers and state ministers are welcome. Corruption is a big problem in our country. Increasing the price of goods in the market by syndicate is also a problem. I hope they will try their best to solve this problem."