Mitu's complaints fell on deaf ears as Babul Akter's in-laws believed him Mitu Murder Case
Collected Mitu's parents, Mitu in inset

Mitu's complaints fell on deaf ears as Babul Akter's in-laws believed him

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 14 May 2021, 02:54 pm

Dhaka, May 14: Gayatri Amar Singh, an NGO worker, lived in the flat next to former police superintendent Babul Akter. They used to go out often. Singh's child was taken care of by Mahmuda Khanam Mitu herself!

After seeing the intimacy of Babul and Gayatri with her own eyes, Mitu told her parents about his helplessness with the two children. Even after all this, Babul Akter was trusted by Mitu's parents and relatives.

After brutally killing Mitu, he hugged his mother-in-law and cried and also weeped at the feet of the deceased Mitu, seeing the scene of mourning in front of the grave, they forgot Mitu's hundreds of complaints. However, the prudent former police officer Mosharraf Hossain (Mitu's father) became enterprising and found out about the chilling conversation between Babul and Musa on the phone record. Everything was gradually clear to him. At one stage, father Mosharraf Hossain blamed Babul for killing his daughter Mitu.

Mitu's father gave such information at his home on Thursday.

He said, "There was a family quarrel. Mitu was also beaten. Even then I supported Babul Aktar. After the transfer to Chittagong, new problems arose. There he became close to Gayatri Amar Singh. Mitu saw the two in a compromising position."

Mitu's father said, "After going to the Sudan mission, Gayatri sent many messages on Babul's used phone. There were some threats in those messages. Mitu informed me and also informed at home. However, I said there was no need to respond to any threat."

Babul Akhter used to return from Sudan on holiday every three months. But he used to stay in Dhaka. Sometimes Mitu would know about it, shometimes she would not know. Babul used to take Gayatri to a hotel in Dhaka. Knowing all this, Mitu was silent. At times, she even said that she was not on same terms with Babul and would ask for separation.

After the family feud escalated, Mitu once wanted to commit suicide by hanging himself. Sometimes she would spend the night sitting on the stairs outside. She decided to go through the trauma while thinking about the future of her children- son Mahir and daughter Zara.

Mother Shahida Musharraf said, "She is my eldest daughter. She was never happy in her 16-year married life. As a mother, I had to conceal it, for the sake of my daughter's family."