Myanmar's heavy weapons in the hands of Rohingya, panic in the camp Bangladesh
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Myanmar's heavy weapons in the hands of Rohingya, panic in the camp

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 11 Feb 2024, 03:33 pm

Dhaka, 11 February 2024 : Rohingyas fleeing to Bangladesh from the Border Guard Force (BGP) and Rohingya terrorists who could not survive the shelling across Myanmar are allegedly grabbing heavy weapons.

They have even been accused of looting arms and Yaba by going across the border.

They were known as criminals in Myanmar before being sheltered in the camp. Pictures of some of them with heavy weapons have gone viral on Facebook. If these weapons are not recovered quickly, the law and order situation on the border is feared to deteriorate.

According to the information provided by the locals, 23 Rohingyas were arrested and handed over to the BGB while they were fleeing with weapons on Tuesday. Several AK 47 rifles, nine mm pistols, lots of ammunition were looted by local criminals from some Rohingyas. Later, two AK-47 rifles were handed over to the BGB, but the rest of the weapons remained with the criminals.

On the condition of anonymity, some youths of Palangkhali area said, "We were at the scene that day.

Helal Uddin, son of deceased Habibur Rahman of Putibnia area of Palongkhali Union and local Jahangir took two AK 47 rifles. The two were forced to surrender two rifles to the BGB when the video of them fleeing with the weapons went viral on social media. Apart from this, the criminals looted weapons from the fleeing Rohingya criminals and BGP members. Despite surrendering two AK-47 rifles, they have several other foreign pistols and lots of ammunition.