People are not buying watermelon even at low prices, sellers are worried Bangladesh

People are not buying watermelon even at low prices, sellers are worried

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 31 Mar 2024, 02:16 pm

Dhaka, 31 March 2024 : At the beginning of March, watermelons were sold at Tk 100 per kg. After the start of Ramadan, the price dropped to Tk 80.

But due to the high price and immature nature of the watermelon, there was little interest in the common people.

In between, calls for watermelon 'boycott' came on Facebook. As a result, the crispiness of the fruit is further reduced.

A week after the start of fasting, the sale of watermelons has reached the bottom.

Sellers are in trouble. A handful were sold throughout the day, but most remained unsold in stores.

Due to this, the price of watermelon was brought down to Tk 40 per kg. Not only that, depending on the size, pieces are now being sold for Tk 200 to Tk 400. However, the majority of consumers are still averse to watermelon. Watermelon traders and fruit sellers are worried about this.

A trader named Billal Mia has bought two categories of watermelons for sale as pieces from Aarat. He has set up his temporary shop next to Gudaraghat in Gulshan. For quite some time, he has arranged the watermelons there, but they are not for sale.

Billal Mia said about the picture of watermelon sales, the sale of watermelon is very low from the beginning. It may be because of the high price. But now the price is lower than before, yet sales have not increased much. Watermelon is supposed to be in high demand during Ramadan, but this time the demand of the buyers was not seen accordingly.

Another seller of the same place said on the condition of anonymity regarding the whole issue of selling watermelons, I have never been in such trouble with watermelons for so many years.

Today, it will be 10 days since I brought the watermelons, I have arranged them in the shop. But this time there is no sale. Initially it was 100 taka per kg, later it was 80 taka, then again 60 taka, finally now per kg watermelon is being sold at 40 taka.