People will decide the future of Bangladesh government: USA Bangladesh Elections | USA
Collected US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller speaks at the press conference

People will decide the future of Bangladesh government: USA

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 14 Nov 2023, 10:28 pm

Own correspondent, Dhaka, 14 November 2023: The United States has commented that the future of Bangladesh government should be determined by the people of the country. At the same time, the country also said that the United States will not take any side in the upcoming elections in Bangladesh.

This information was reported from the briefing of the US State Department. This North American country has also expressed its support for holding free and fair elections in Bangladesh. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said these things in response to reporters' questions at a regular press conference on Monday local time. In addition, the topic of the letter sent by US Assistant Secretary Bureau Of South And Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu calling for dialogue also came up in the briefing.

Meanwhile, in the briefing, a journalist questioned the current political situation in Bangladesh.

He said, "You know - Bangladesh and Dhaka are another hot spot like Gaza. If there are no free and fair elections, it will become Gaza very soon. Bangladesh is a sovereign country and 90 to 95 percent of the people here are democracy and free, fair, participatory and inclusive." In favor of elections. Citizens of Bangladesh have become very hopeful after America started playing its role in human rights and democratic process. All major political parties except Awami League are working with Ambassador Peter Haas and diplomats of other countries. Why should US government negotiate with India on Bangladesh issue?"

In response, Matthew Miller said, "I want to say what I have said many times, we support free and fair elections in Bangladesh. We believe that the future of the government of Bangladesh should be determined by its people."

Later, the journalist said, Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu sent a letter calling for dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition. But how will the dialogue happen when most of the opposition political leaders are in jail? And as the government continues its crackdown, I also wonder who the opposition received the letter. At least five garment workers were also killed. What is your comment on this? How can there be dialogue in these conditions?

In response, the US State Department spokesperson said, "I welcome attempts by various journalists to engage me in the internal political affairs of Bangladesh, but I will refrain from doing so."

He said, "The United States will not take sides in Bangladesh elections. We do not support one political party against another. We support free and fair elections."