Police-journalist-rich also supply drugs: Home Minister Drugs
Collected Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal

Police-journalist-rich also supply drugs: Home Minister

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 26 Sep 2022, 07:32 pm

Dhaka, September 26: Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal commented that journalists, police and rich people also supply drugs.

"We bring all those who do it to justice. No one is left out," he said while speaking as the chief guest at the round table seminar titled 'role of private sector in curing drug addiction' at Sirdap Auditorium in the capital on Monday (September 26) afternoon.

The Home Minister said, "You should go to the jail and see that there are policemen in drug cases, there are also RAB members, there are also other businessmen. The police say that the law will be different for him, but that is not the case."

Referring to the issue of dope test, the minister said, "Those who take drugs in the police are being tested. If they are positive in the dope test, they are suspended. We are coming to a very difficult position in this place."

The minister also said, "We are going to completely take the practice of dope test for those who will be selected at the beginning of the job. Dope test is in practice everywhere, incluidng the Police-BGB. Besides, if we think that university students are getting addicted to drugs, we will do dope test."

He said, "Doctors take drugs the most. But I don't know about it. Doctors, journalists, engineers take drugs, we also take them. There is no question that doctors do not take drugs. They are not a different race. One or two go astray."

Pointing out that everyone should come forward to reduce the demand of drugs, the minister said, "We should be aware of the ill effects of drugs. The dream we are seeing by 2041, that is our development, will be wasted if we cannot protect our future generations from the horrors of drugs. "

He said, "Our children are very talented. If we can't save that generation from drug addiction, then our dreams will remain unrealized. Media plays a very important role in reducing the demand for drugs."