Potato fails to attract buyers in Thakurgaon despite being sold at low price Potato Production
File photo There are potatoes in the field, but no buyers

Potato fails to attract buyers in Thakurgaon despite being sold at low price

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 15 Jan 2022, 07:49 pm

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 15: Potato failed to get buyers in Thakurgaon despite being sold for only six rupees per kg. As a result, farmers are in trouble with potatoes. Potatoes were sold in advance at higher prices last year, and the farmers were inclined to cultivate potatoes in advance. But this time they are counting the losses as there is no price for potatoes. Last year they sold potatoes for 25-30 rupees per kg, but this year potatoes are being sold for only six rupees.

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension, this time potato has been cultivated in 27,647 hectares of land in the district. Potatoes have already been planted in 2,770 hectares of land. Potato production per hectare (247 cents) has been estimated at 24 metric tons. The production cost has been around two lakh rupees. They are getting only 90 thousand to one lakh rupees per hectare in return.

The Department of Agriculture said prices are lower this time as some of last year's potatoes are still in stock. Once the old potatoes are gone, the price of new potatoes may go up a bit.

Granola white and asterix red potatoes are now available in the potato field. The price is also a little higher as the demand for red potatoes is high in the local market. White potato's markets are in other districts including the capital. As a result, farmers get prices depending on the demand of other districts. White potatoes are being sold at six rupees and red potatoes at 10 rupees per kg.

Entazul Islam, a potato farmer in Fakdanpur area of Sadar upazila, said the price of potato was higher last year. Due to that, the profit was high despite low yield. This year, farmers are not getting back at least their investments. They are facing huge losses for selling potatoes at low prices. Despite low prices, there is no adequate buyers of potatoes.