Rohingya repatriation likely to start before elections Rohingya Repatriation
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Rohingya repatriation likely to start before elections

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 11 Nov 2023, 05:42 pm

Dhaka, Nov 11: Yao Wen, China's ambassador to Bangladesh, said, "We are working together for repatriation, it may be before the election or it will continue after the election. We are very close to repatriation but, still some effort is required and we are working towards it. China is the mediator and helper here, we are helping Bangladesh and Myanmar in the repatriation process."

He said this to reporters after the distribution of medical supplies funded by the Chinese Embassy at Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital on Friday afternoon. Earlier, the Ambassador handed over various materials to the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society for the Rohingyas.

Urging the international community to work on the Rohingya issue, the Chinese ambassador said, "Some Rohingyas who returned to Myanmar said that there is no suitable environment in Myanmar for repatriation. But they cannot stay in Bangladesh all their life. They have to find a way to get back."

When asked when the repatriation can start under the pilot project, Wayne said, "We are working together, if the situation is good, it can go."

He also said, "We are good friends of Bangladesh and Myanmar. They trust us. China is acting as facilitator at their request. We brought them together to talk. To find a solution. So that the Rohingya people can go back. We are happy that much progress has been made in this work. Myanmar officials have come here and some Rohingyas have gone to Rakhine for a Go&See visit."

Ambassador Yao Wen said, "I believe there is a consensus that some Rohingyas can return through the pilot project. Our objective is to send some Rohingyas back as soon as possible."

He emphasized, "Not only Bangladesh and Myanmar, the relevant parties of the international community should work together here. Some people say the situation in Myanmar is not suitable for repatriation. But Rohingyas cannot live in Bangladesh all their lives. We need to find a solution so they can go back. Everyone's efforts are needed here."

The Chinese ambassador said, "A solution comes out with everyone's consensus. Hope they will stand together with us for this repatriation to solve this problem."