Rooppur Power plant: Ishwardi residents learning Russian to boost sales Russian | Rooppur
Collected Russians are drinking tea in Bengali shops

Rooppur Power plant: Ishwardi residents learning Russian to boost sales

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 25 Oct 2021, 04:10 pm

Dhaka, October 25: It is surprising to hear that people in remote areas of Bangladesh speak Russian! That is exactly what is happening.

The first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh is being set up at Rooppur, a remote outpost of Ishwardi police station in Pabna district. On the occasion of the construction of this center, thousands of Russians have been living here for several years. They come to the local market to buy daily necessities. The local people are quickly learning the Russian language to facilitate the sale of bets to them. Russians are also overwhelmed to hear foreigners speak their language.

In fact, thanks to the Rooppur nuclear project, the landscape of the area has changed completely. Area-shopping malls, schools, high-rise buildings, world-class hotels-restaurants, resorts are now in vogue. The Russians have also touched the raw markets here. The signboard of the shop is written in English as well as Russian. Fruit and vegetable sellers have also learned Russian. They speak Russian. According to them, they learned their language by buying and selling goods with the Russians.

Not only Rooppur, but also the neighboring towns of Pakshi, Sahapur and Ishwardi have undergone a change. Biography has changed. Hardinge's Bridge over the Padma River and Lalon Shah Bridge are being built on the river bank at a cost of Tk 1.13 lakh crore.

Thousands of unemployed youths have got job opportunities in Rooppur project. As their fortunes have changed, so has their social image. Land prices have risen.

Ruhul Quddus, site in-charge of the Rooppur nuclear project, said about 20,000 engineers and workers were always working on the project. Around 2,000 foreign workers and officials from Russia, Belarus, India and other countries are working day and night. The rest are from this country.

Apart from this, thousands of unemployed people have been employed in various organizations including hotels, resorts and shopping malls. In Pakshi, Sahapur, Rooppur and Ishwardi, several shopping malls, modern shopping malls, super shops, resorts and star hotels have been set up to cater to the daily needs of foreigners. High quality hospitals have also been built.

Several places have signs in Russian. The price and quality of clothing and furniture are all in Russian. Locals said the uneasiness that came with the lack of knowledge of the English language, has disappeared gradually. Everyone who does business here will learn and know the Russian language. Raw sellers are also learning Russian.