Sheikh Hasina's Ashrayan project is unique in the world: Dr. Pearson Ashrayan
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Sheikh Hasina's Ashrayan project is unique in the world: Dr. Pearson

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 10 Aug 2023, 01:19 pm

Dhaka, August 10: Prominent Norwegian educationist and researcher Dr. Atlee Pearson said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Ashrayan project is unique in the world. Because, there is no precedent anywhere else to give ownership to addressless people by building permanent houses on government land.

Dr. Attlee wrote in an article, 'Today, Asharyan is a unique project not only in Bangladesh but in the whole world. Although there are various initiatives to help the backward people in different countries of the world, there is no precedent for building permanent houses on government land and building homes with electricity and sanitation facilities for the homeless people as owners and at government expense.'

An article by Attlee Pearson, an expert in South Asia research, diplomacy and geopolitics, was published in Nepal's online news portal 'Ratopati' on August 8 titled 'Bangladesh Asylum Project as an Inclusive Development Paradigm for the Developing World'.

According to the article, the Sheikh Hasina Model for Inclusive Development, which has ushered in a new chapter of progress towards a poverty and hunger-free Bangladesh, is currently being used appropriately as an asylum scheme. Based on the principle of 'no one will be left behind', Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated a new level of socio-economic development for the homeless population through this initiative.

Twenty-two thousand 101 families got new houses on Wednesday as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's gift to the landless and homeless. These houses are provided in the second phase of the fourth phase of the Prime Minister's Office Asharyan-II project.

These partially furnished houses and 200 acres of free land were given by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday. At the same time, the Prime Minister declared 123 upazilas of the country completely landless and homeless free. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina's promise that 'not a single citizen of Bangladesh will be homeless or landless in Mujib Barsha' was launched in May 2020 by the Prime Minister's Office. In January 2021, the Prime Minister handed over 63 thousand 9 single family houses in the first phase of this project. During its operation, 3,715 families were accommodated in 743 barracks for rehabilitation. In June of the same year, the Prime Minister handed over 53,330 houses of the second phase. Sixty-five thousand 674 houses were constructed in the third phase. Thirty-nine thousand 365 houses of the fourth phase were handed over in March this year.