The United States is not thinking about the results of the elections in Bangladesh USA-Bangladesh
Collected Matthew Miller

The United States is not thinking about the results of the elections in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 06 Dec 2023, 01:49 am

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 6 December 2023: The United States is not speculating or thinking about the results of the 12th National Parliament Elections of Bangladesh. The country says it wants to see free and fair elections in Bangladesh, which will be held peacefully. At the same time, the United States will continue to call on all partners, including governments, opposition parties, and civil society, to work together to ensure this.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said these things in response to a question at a regular press conference on Monday local time.

In today's briefing, a questioner wants to know the position of the United States regarding the electoral environment, mass arrests and ongoing political situation in Bangladesh. He questioned that the government is proceeding towards holding elections in an unprecedented manner in the current situation in Bangladesh. More than 20,000 opposition leaders and activists have been detained, deaths in security custody are on the rise and three opposition activists have died in six days and family members are being detained if the targeted person is not found. The newly formed 'King's Party' is allowed to participate in the polls to ensure victory in the elections. However, all major political parties, including the main opposition BNP, are boycotting this election. In this situation, how is the US government assessing the possibility of free and fair elections in Bangladesh?

In response, Miller said, "I am not going to speculate on the outcome of the election. I will say what we have said many times before. We will engage with the government, the opposition, civil society and other partners to ensure a free, fair and peaceful election in the interest of their Bangladeshi people. I will continue to urge you to work together."