Those obstructing elections should be banned: Obaidul Quader Obaidul Quader
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Those obstructing elections should be banned: Obaidul Quader

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 30 Nov 2023, 01:34 pm

Dhaka, Nov 30: Awami League general secretary and bridge minister Obaidul Quader said that those who are obstructing the election should be banned. Civilized countries are not saying anything about these things. He said this in a briefing at the Dhanmondi political office of the Awami League president on Wednesday.

General Secretary of Awami League said, "Today a party in Bangladesh and its allies are now calling strikes and blockades. They openly attacked and killed the police. The Chief Justice's house was attacked, those who are doing these activities are doing it to obstruct the elections. Challenging our constitution. Challenging our democracy. Challenging our independent judiciary. There is no resistance to it."

He said, "What is this movement? It is to obstruct the election. Sanctions should come against those who are obstructing the elections. No one has anything to say about the fact that these things are going on, civilized democratic countries talk about many things, but why are they silent here?"

He also said that they are obstructing the election process, obstructing the democratic system, they are burning cars, they are attacking trains, they are constantly setting cars on fire, buses on fire, all these incidents.

Questioning against whom the BNP is blocking, the bridge minister said, "Against whom are they calling the hartal, it is against the election, they are doing these activities to obstruct the election."

He said, "Today those who talk about human rights, good governance of Bangladesh, those who talk loudly about free fair elections, why are they silent about these misdeeds, anti-democratic and anti-constitutional activities of one side today. No one is saying anything about it. Why are they silent about those who want to question the election, those who are obstructing it. My question to those civil society people who talk about human rights in our country."