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There is no such crisis where UN will need to intervene: Obaidul Quader

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 07 Jun 2023, 02:22 pm

Dhaka, June 7, 2023: The United Nations will mediate as no such crisis has happened in independent Bangladesh, Awami League General Secretary and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has said.

He made these comments after paying homage to the portrait of the Father of the Nation on the occasion of 6-point day on Wednesday morning.

He said, "There is no decision yet regarding our discussion with BNP."

"In our country we will discuss, it is our own problem, we will solve it ourselves. In the last election, the prime minister called for dialogue. Questioning why the United Nations will go to mediate, he said, there is no such political crisis in our country that the United Nations has to intervene here. UN will mediate no such crisis happened in independent Bangladesh," he said.

Obaidul Quader said that the Election Commission has become more democratic due to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's initiative.

The electoral system has become more democratic. Democracy is not suddenly established overnight. Institutionalization takes time. Institutionalized through a process.

The minister said, "Our democracy is now very complete. Institutional progress is underway. So there is no need for any outside mediation, any outside intervention. We will solve our own problems by ourselves. Time will tell what happens when. For now, no decision has been made to discuss."

He also said that they (BNP) are threatening to kill our leader.

"What do we discuss with them? Today they are doing complaint politics. Got what they complained to America, What did they get by complaining to the European Union? Got horse eggs. Now they want UN supervision. This supervision is again showing new sources," he said.

The bridge minister said, "The solution to the crisis is our constitution. There is no solution to the crisis. If the constitution can not solve a country, then how can democracy in that country?"