Upazila Parishad elections are being held under the new rules: Ahsan Habib Bangladesh

Upazila Parishad elections are being held under the new rules: Ahsan Habib

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 31 Mar 2024, 02:51 pm

Dhaka, 31 March 2024: Election Commissioner Brigadier General Md. Ahsan Habib Khan (Retd.) said, the government is trusting us and cooperating in such a way that we have changed the rules within 10 days.

Therefore, the upazila parishad elections are being held in the new rules. He said these things at the end of the discussion meeting on law and order on the occasion of the 6th Upazila Parishad General Election held at Barisal District Art Academy Auditorium on Saturday.

The Election Commissioner said, under the new rules of Upazila Parishad elections, if someone scratches the journalists, someone damages the camera, he will be punished immediately. The rules have also been made for voters and polling officials, which means everyone's safety will be ensured. Even minor matters will not be exempted.

There is no opportunity for anyone to influence the election. I have requested the parliamentarians and will inform them in the future as well, so that there is no influence in the upazila elections. And asked the administration to speak with courtesy and respect. However, there is no exemption in the case of irregularities and injustice even in small matters. They (the administration) also assured me," he said.

Ahsan Habib said that he gets inspired when he hears good news from the media and said, "If it's good, it's good, if it's bad, spread the bad things in the media." If you steal, call a thief a thief, no matter who it is. We will look at the media and take action. Commission, RAB-Police, Ansar and all administrations will be with the journalists.

He also said that we want a more beautiful election than in the past. The administration has promised me not to fall below that. However, it is not possible to make a beautiful election without everyone's cooperation.