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Japanese mother pleads contempt of court against father of two

Prime Minister Hasina advises critics to travel around the country

Novel about the struggling life of Bangabandhu's two daughters published

Bangladesh sees no COVID death for 26th day in a row, 37 new cases reported

TCB abruptly suspends the sale of oil at Tk 110

Kolkatay Bangabandhu: Gautam Ghose in Dhaka to make Sheikh Mujib documentary

Dhaka, May 14: Renowned Indian filmmaker Gautam Ghose is currently in Dhaka to make a documentary 'Kolkatay Bangabandhu'. He will stay in Dhaka and Tungipara for seven days to collect documentary material. He will also meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

World premiere of animation film 'Mujib Amar Pita' held in New York

New York, May 10: The country's first full-length animation film 'Mujib Amar Pita' based on Bangabandhu's biography was screened in New York, USA.

Eid movies from today

Dhaka, May 3: For a long time now, Eid has been a great movie for entertainment. As soon as Eid comes, new movies will be released for a long time. This time too he is no exception. Three movies are being released today on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr on May 3. Among them, Dhaka cinema superstar Shakib Khan has two movies including 'Golui'. Siam Ahmed is the protagonist of another movie 'Shan'.

Singer James releases new song on Eid

Dhaka, May 2: James, the popular rockstar of the subcontinent. James would come up with new songs on the moon. After a break of 12 years, he is returning to the moon again with a new song. The title of the song is 'I Love You'.

Bangladesh filmmaker receives legal notice for showing dead chicken in poster

Dhaka, May 1, 2022: A legal notice has been sent to producer Zakaria Soukhin and producer SK Shahed Ali for allegedly transporting chickens by tying their legs in a scene from the drama 'Chaman Bahar' awaiting release on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Ajob Karkhana to be screened at Kolkata International Film Festival

Dhaka, April 29: The 27th Kolkata International Film Festival is being held in the eponymous city. Bangladesh's only film 'Ajob Karkhana' was appreciated by the audience in the full theater. The third show of the movie was held in two theaters of Nandan on Tuesday evening. Parambrata Chattopadhyay from Kolkata and Shabnam Ferdousi from Bangladesh were present there.

Siam-Puja's 'Shaan' to release in Malaysia on Eid

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 28: The much awaited police action thriller movie 'Shaan' will be releasing in the theatres of Bangladesh as well as Malaysia on Eid.

Shakib-Puja's 'Golui' trailer released

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, April 27: Two films of superstar Shakib Khan are going to be released on this Eid. But in the meanwhile, one of his movies, 'Golui', has become the centre of interest in the audience. The official poster and song of the film was released several days ago as part of the campaign.

Bangla TV to air five Shakib Khan films on Eid

Eid means festival, Eid means happy. Eid brings immense joy in life. Private television channel Bangla TV has organized a special seven-day event to make the day more colorful. In this colorful event, there are 14 Bengali movies, including 7 new world movie TV premieres in seven days of Eid. This is the first time in Bangladesh that seven movies are going to be world TV premieres together on Eid on any satellite television. Pran Chanachur is the sponsor of this event.

JK 1971: Bangladesh to soon witness a Muktijuddho based movie

Dhaka, 24 April 2022: In the liberation war of 1971, people from different parts of the world have made various efforts to help the people of Bangladesh.

Legendary actress Shabnam attends Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti's Iftar party

Dhaka, April 23: Legendary actress Shabnam on Friday attended the Iftar party organised by Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti.

Apurba, Sabila to star in Digbaji

Dhaka, April 22: Her family wants Nitu to get married, but she is not ready yet. She wants to be a world traveler and doesn't want to be busy in the kitchen. Eid special drama 'Digbaji' has been made with such an exceptional female character. It is written and produced by Zakaria Soukhin under the banner of CMV.

Porshi to star opposite Kolkata's Rishi Kaushik in Sajin Ahmed Babu's next drama

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 21: Popular Bangladeshi singer Sabrina Porshi has acted in a drama after a long time. The name of the drama is 'Maria One Piece'.

Where can I speak if not in court, asks Pori Moni

Dhaka, April 20: "Three people in Dhaka Boat Club, including Nasir Uddin Mahmud and Tuhin Siddiqui Omi, have a lot of power. They don't need a room to rape anyone there. When they call, the lights go out. They can jump on any girl there like a playground," actress Pori Moni said on Tuesday.

'Shimu Made in Bangladesh' released in Japan

Tokyo, April 18: Rubaiyat Hossain directed film 'Shimu Made in Bangladesh' has been released in Japan. It is being screened in 15 movie theaters in Japan, all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa, including the capital Tokyo. Pandora has been assigned for distribution of the movie in Japan.