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Winners of National Film Award 2021

Two Russian ships in Mongla with Rooppur power plant goods

Two children to be with Japanese mother: Court

I will not run away, if necessary I will go to Fakhrul-Tuku's house: Quader

Entire city of Rajshahi turned into a grand gathering of the Prime Minister

Actress Shimu murder: Trial of two accused including her husband begins

Dhaka, November 30: The court has framed charges against actress Raima Islam Shimu's murder case against her husband Sakhodat Ali Noble and SM Farhad. The formal trial of the case has begun as a result of the framing of the complaint.

Arrest warrant issued against actress Sarika's husband in domestic violence case

Dhaka, November 29: The court has issued an arrest warrant against actress and model Sarika Sabrina's husband GS Badruddin Ahmed. This warrant was issued in the case of domestic violence for 'dowry of Tk 50 lakh'.

Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti elections: Actors Moushumi, Ali Raj take oath

Dhaka, November 28: Actress Moushumi and actor Ali Raj officially took oath as members of the executive council of Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti. On Sunday (November 27) night, FDC Film Artists Association President Ilias Kanchan officiated the oath at the office.

Bubli moves away after seeing journalists and cameras

Dhaka, 27 November 2022 : Dhakai movie actress Shabnam Bubly is now at the top of the discussion on the 'Nakful' issue.

Actor Zayed Khan resumes Bahaduri shoot

Dhaka, November 26: Actor Zayed Khan could not participate in movie work for a long time due to the election of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Due to the busyness of elections, he was away from film work. Having managed everything, he has returned to his own world.

Army Stadium to host the biggest concert in the Month of Victory

Dhka, November 26: On the occasion of the month of victory, the country's biggest concert is being held at the capital's Army Stadium on December 2. Ayub Bachchu is an unforgettable name in Bengali band music. He always thought about the progress of Bengali music. He was one of the pioneers in bringing Bengali band music to the world.

'Birkanya Pritilata' is not releasing today

Dhaka, November 25: Producer Pradeep Ghosh's movie 'Birkanya Pritilata' was scheduled to release on Friday (25 November). But the film is not releasing today. The release date of the movie was postponed on Wednesday due to a technical glitch.

Mim not to feature opposite Razz, says Pori Moni

Dhaka, November 23: Pori Moni is a popular actress of Dhakai cinema. Her husband is actor Shariful Razz. Recently two movies 'Paran' and 'Damal' starring Razz have won the hearts of the audience. Bidya Sinha Mim was the heroine in two of his films.

Artists rejoice at FDC as Nipun gets back General Secretary post

Dhaka, November 22: For a long time, there were complications regarding the general secretary post of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. The election results were initially questioned. Later, the post of general secretary was suspended. Later, the general secretary candidates had to go to the high court for the election of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Finally, Nipun Akter has been reinstated as the secretary general after the apex court suspended the judgment of the High Court.

Bollywood sensation Nora Fatehi wants to come to Bangladesh again and again

Dhaka, November 19: "I want to come back to Bangladesh again and again,' Bollywood sensation Nora Fatehi expressed such an emotional expression on the stage of International Convention City of the capital on Friday night.

Nora Fatehi arrives in Dhaka

Dhaka, November 18: Finally putting an end to all the speculations, Bollywood's most popular item song dancer Nora Fatehi has arrived in Dhaka. It is known that Nora arrived in Dhaka with her own fleet of dancers at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport today (November 18) at noon.

Nora Fatehi to charge Tk 15 lakh for 40-min show

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 17: Canadian actress Nora Fatehi is coming to Bangladesh. She will stay in the country for one day. For this, the actress will charge Rs 11 lakh 80 thousand, which is about Tk 15 lakh in Bangladeshi currency.

Mehzabeen-Nisho summoned to appear in court

Dhaka, November 16: The court has issued summons to six people, including actress Mehazabien Chowdhury and actor Afran Nisho. A summon was issued to them to appear in court in the revision case filed against them for using 'negative' words about disabled people and disability in the play 'Ghatana Satya'.

Now NBR objects to Nora Fatehi's visit to Dhaka

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 16: Bollywood star Nora Fatehi got permission to participate in the shooting of an award ceremony or documentary in Dhaka on November 18 after passing several hurdles from different ministries of Dhaka. The permission was given by the Ministry of Information on November 7.

Rumors of 'love and marriage with Akbar' are false, fabricated: Purnima

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 15: In 2003, singer Akbar gained immense popularity across the country through the popular magazine programme 'Ittady'. He created a sensation with Kishore Kumar's song 'Ekdin Pakhi Ure Jabe Je Akashe', but he reached the peak of popularity with his first original song 'Tomar Haat Pakhhar Baatase'. Akbar changed his fortune from a rickshaw puller to a full-fledged singer.