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Apu Bisaw travels to USA with son after Shakib Khan and Puja Cherry

Dhaka, July 15: Shakib Khan is in the Us right now for Priyotama. On Wednesday night, his ex-wife Apu Biswas and their son Abram Khan Joy also flew to the North American country. Meanwhile, right after Shakib Khan, actress Puja Cherry went to the US. A lot has been said about the star recently. There are rumors that she has tied the knot with Shakib Khan. While the actor hasn't said anything regarding this, Puja has vehemently opposed the news.

Pori Moni celebrates without husband Razz as son Rajya turns 11-month-old

Dhaka, July 13: The issue of distance between Shariful Razz-Pori Moni, the popular couple of Dhakai cinema, has once again made headlines in the media. Recently, the tension in the family life of this star couple was on everyone's lips.

Viewers praise Jovan-Farin's 'Kabar'

Dhaka, July 13: Popular small screen stars Jovan and Tasnia Farin's play 'Kabar' has gained a lot of audience. TV stars are moving away from traditional work to story based work. It is easily understood by looking at their recent works. In continuation of this, the drama 'Kabar' starring Jovan-Farin has garnered praise.

Shakib-Idhika's 'Priyotama' to release in 9 more countries

Dhaka, July 10: After its release in the US and Canada, 'Priyotama' starring Dhakai movie star Shakib Khan and Kolkata actress Idhika Paul is releasing in nine more countries. The movie released this Eid and the audience are loving it. On Sunday night, the director of the movie, Himel Ashraf, published this information on the social media Facebook.

Apu Biswas watches 'Laal Saree' with everyone

Dhaka, July 9: Apu Biswas is the famous actress of Dhaka film 'Beauty Queen'. This Eid, her movie 'Laal Saree' has been released in theatres. Apart from acting, she also produced this movie with government grant. After the release, the movie is showing in 13 theaters of the country including Blockbuster Cinemas, Lion. 'Laal Saree' has been doing good business since Eid.

Mahi releases picture of her boyfriend cum husband-to-be

Dhaka, July 7: Samira Khan Mahi is the popular actress of the small screen. She has already made her strong position in showbiz. Although she hinted at a love relationship several times in her personal life, this time she made it public. Mahi said that she brought the matter forward with the consent of the two families.

Actress Tama Mirza confesses her love with filmmaker Rafi

Dhaka, July 6: Love affair between a heroine and a filmmaker is not new. Often such rumors of love or love marriages happen. Rumors of love between young filmmaker Raihan Rafi and Tama Mirza have been heard in the film industry for a long time. The matter is now an open secret. They are seen together on various occasions and have also confessed their love. Some claim that they are on the verge of marriage. But Tama Mirza said that this is not true.

Bubly, Idhika excited with their movies

Dhaka, July 5: On Eid-ul-Azha, actress Shobnom Bubly came in front of the audience with two movies together named 'Casino' and 'Prahelika'. As a result, she is ahead in terms of numbers as a heroine. However, it is clear from the audience's reaction that she has played her role very well. Many say that she has done the best performance of his career in 'Prahelika'. Casino is also being discussed. Bubly is excited by the audience's response. On the other hand, Bengali actress Idhika Paul is very happy to work in Bangladesh's top hero Shakib Khan's film.

Shakib Khan's fans to watch Lal Saree

Dhaka, July 3: Shakib Khan fans are responding to the invitation of their beloved hero. Along with Shakib Khan starrer 'Priyotama' released on Eid, they will also watch Apu Biswas starrer and produced 'Lal Saree'. That is what the Shakibians said.

Shakib Khan urges people to watch Apu Biswas' film

Dhaka, July 1: Most of their fans know about the multi-faceted story of Dhakai film's top hero Shakib Khan and actress Apu's family. Shakib Khan gave a status wishing Apu Biswas good luck at around 4:30 pm on Friday in their sour-sweet relationship.

'Ishwar' from Shakib Khan's Priyotama released

Dhaka, June 30: Eid movie 'Priyotama' starring Dhakai cinema superstar Shakib Khan was released in 107 theaters across the country on Friday. Meanwhile, the third song 'Ishwar' of this movie has been released on Shakib's Facebook page.

Bidya Sinha Mim celebrates Eid, sacrifices goats

Dhaka, June 29: As in the past few years, Dhakai movie heroine Bidya Sinha Mim has sacrificed animals this Eid. This time she offered two goats as sacrifices.

Hanif Sanket's 'Bhul Bojha Ar Bhuler Bojha' to release in Eid

Dhaka, June 28: Presenter and director Hanif Sanket has produced an Eid drama like every other time. The name of the drama is 'Bhul Bojha Ar Bhuler Bojha', it will be aired on ATN Bengali at 8:50 PM on Eid day. There is always an extra attraction for the audience to watch Hanif Sanket's drama.

Pori Moni to leave out husband Sariful Razz from her life

Dhaka, June 27: Controversial film actress Pori Mani wants to become a journalist. But her intentions are not noble. The actress participated in a private television program on the occasion of Eid. Actor Saju Khadem was in charge of hosting the show. He asked Pori, now if you are given the opportunity to change your profession, which profession would you choose?

Apu Biswas spent more than the donation in making 'Lal Sari'

Dhaka, June 24: Actor Symon Sadik and actress Apu Biswas have teamed up for the first time in the film 'Lal Sari'. The government-funded film recently received censor clearance without cuts. The movie is in the process of release on Eid. On this occasion, a press conference was organized in a restaurant in the capital.