'Birkanya Pritilata' is not releasing today Preetilata Movie
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'Birkanya Pritilata' is not releasing today

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 25 Nov 2022, 09:42 am

Dhaka, November 25: Producer Pradeep Ghosh's movie 'Birkanya Pritilata' was scheduled to release on Friday (25 November). But the film is not releasing today. The release date of the movie was postponed on Wednesday due to a technical glitch.

The film's director Pradeep Ghosh said, "Film industry is a technology-dependent work. We ran into some mechanical issues at the end. There is a major problem with the hard drive of the movie. It will take some time to solve this problem. It may take up to a week to overcome technical issues. We are very sorry for this unexpected crisis."

When asked about the new release date of the movie, Pradeep Ghosh said, "We hope to release 'Birkanya Pritilata' soon. I will let you know the next date only when the problem is solved."

The movie 'Birkanya Pritilata' is based on the novel 'Bhalobasa Pritilata' by fiction writer Selina Hossain on the life of Pretilta Waddedar, the hero of the anti-British movement. The movie is made with the grant of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Bangladesh.

The movie stars Nusrat Imroz Tisha as Pritilata and Manoj Pramanik as the revolutionary Ramakrishna. Bappa Mazumdar has directed the music of the film.