Actress Mousomi Nag gives birth to daughter Motherhood
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Actress Mousomi Nag gives birth to daughter

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 12 Mar 2024, 11:01 pm

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 12 March 2024: Small screen actress Mousomi Nag has become a mother of a daughter after a son. On March 10, a baby girl was born through surgery at a private hospital in Dhaka. Both mother and daughter are healthy. Mousomi Nag confirmed the news of becoming a mother on Prothom Alo on Tuesday morning. Mousomi Nag tied the knot with actor Shoaib in October 2010 after a love affair. Their son was born in 2015.

Meanwhile, Mousomi Nag told Prothom Alo about becoming a mother of a daughter, "Shoaib and my first child is a boy. After that he was expecting a girl. This time God has gifted us with a daughter. I am also very happy to see Shoaib so happy. I am also very happy that the girl's father is happy. But he loves the boy too. But he likes girls very much. I want everyone to pray for our child."

Mousomi Nag said, "My son watched the movie Avatar in the cinema with his father. This movie and the character of Nithiri became his favorite. So Nithiri was chosen as his sister's name. It's her nickname. But we are all together. I will fix the name later."

Mousomi Nag, who started in the small screen entertainment arena, has also worked in science fiction. He also made his debut on the big screen with the film 'Run Out'.