Akhtar Hussain and Shaheen Sardar will sing with 105 artists on Bangabandhu's birthday

Akhtar Hussain and Shaheen Sardar will sing with 105 artists on Bangabandhu's birthday

Bangladesh Live News | | 10 Mar 2024, 02:26 am

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 10 February 2024: The 105th birthday of the great architect of independent Bangladesh, Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is coming up on March 17. Various media of the country will broadcast special programs on this day. The production of these programs has started a few weeks ago.

Bangladesh Television (BTV) has decided to broadcast a multi-faceted program on this greatest Bengali of a thousand years. The top of these is a song by 105 artists on the occasion of the 105th birthday of the Father of the Nation. In the meantime, the work of recording and shooting of the song has been completed. It has been written by Bangla Academy Children's Literature Award-winning rhymer and Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra Shaad Sainik Akhtar Hussain. It is composed by composer and music director Shaheen Sardar.

Regarding the song, composer Shaheen Sardar told Jago News, 'I am really happy to do such a work on Bangabandhu's birthday. BTV's special song video featuring 105 artists on the 105th birthday of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu ended today at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan. The artists of BAFA (Bulbul Lalitkala Academy) Sangeetbhavan, Swapnakundi, Gitishathdal, Nivedan, Lokangan, Mahiruh, Gitanjali, Jagran, Uton, Rabirashmi, Binadhara, Nirjharani and Sargam have participated in its musical performance.

Music director Shaheen Sardar also said that poet Akhtar Hussain has written a wonderful song on Bangabandhu. It gives me great pleasure to direct the tune and music of the song with 105 artistes on Bangabandhu's 105th birthday. Artistes from various cultural organizations have spontaneously and wholeheartedly associated with this song, thinking that it is the best.

On the other hand, regarding the song, poet Akhtar Hussain told Jago News, Damar's cherished dream of many years was to make a special song on Bangabandhu - that dream is about to be realized. Shaheen Sardar has directed the wonderful tune and music. Grateful to all concerned including Director General of Bangladesh Television. It's even better that the song is organized by the artistes of various organizations and spontaneously sung wonderfully.'