Chamak says misbehaviour allegations against her as she exposed intentions during shooting Allegations | Misbehaviour
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Chamak says misbehaviour allegations against her as she exposed intentions during shooting

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 08 Aug 2023, 11:43 pm

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, August 8, 2023: The director of drama "Soshur Barite prothom Din" has alleged misbehaviour against actress Rukaia Jahan Chamak. Adib Hasan, the director said the actress left the set after behaving rudely. He has also filed a complaint with the Directors Guild.

Reacting to the allegation, Chamak said, "This is a conspiracy against me. The director and a few others are doing it to tarnish my image. On the contrary, I was a victim of rude behaviour. I was threatened with death. I have filed a complained with the actors guild."

According to sources, the shooting of the drama was going on inside a house in Dhaka. When she did not reach the set on time, the director called her. Chamak got angry. She also threw tantrums during the shoot. However, rubbishing the claim, she said, "I didn't reach the shooting floor late. I reached the sets at 11 AM. i waited in the make-up room for an hour. Arash Khan, my co-actor reached the sets after that. So, how can you say that I reached late."

When asked if there's a reason to bring such allegations against her, Chamak said, "yes, there is a reason. Arash Khan and the director are colluding to spread these allegations. Arash was a good friend. At one point, he wanted to be more. So we had a rift. He's spreading the negativity due to that anger."

"Arash is instigating everyone to speak against me. He can emotionally manipulate others. He has convinced others to spread negativity about me," the actress added.

On the other hand, the director claimed that Chamak also misbehaved with senior actor Masum Bashar. However, the actress said, "I haven't been taught such lessons that I'll misbehave with Masum Bashar. I started acting due to my love for the form, after studying medicine. If they use such lies to humiliate me, how can I work? How is it possible that I have misbehaved with my seniors and had physical altercation with them? I cannot digest it. I am in mental trauma after that day's incident."

Chamak was the 2nd Runner-up at Miss World Bangladesh in 2017. She started acting in 2020 and has gained fame in a short period of time.