If I could sit on Nanu's grave all the time: Porimoni Death
Collected Porimoni at her grandfather's grave, her son Padma by her side.

If I could sit on Nanu's grave all the time: Porimoni

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 30 Nov 2023, 04:02 am

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 30 November 2023: It has been a few days since the grandfather of the popular film actress Porimoni passed away. She still could not get over the grief of losing a loved one.

The actress' Facebook status indicates that she's yet to overcome the grief.

Porimoni wrote in the post that "Every time I went to Nanu's home before, I went back to Dhaka on a certain date. Everyone at home asked to stay two days more! didn't stay."

She wrote, "And now it seems that I could sit on Nanu's grave all day and night! but i can't"

Reminiscing about her grandfather's relationship with her son Padma, Pari wrote, "My Padmaphool was just getting to know Nanu. Learned to call him Grandpa. Now if someone says to him, 'Where is your Boro Abbu? He immediately raises his fingers and shows Nanu's grave! Kisses, shakes hands, blows on the grave. How many times he waved his hand and said 'Bye bye bye bye'!"

At the end Pari wrote, "Pray. May Nanu be with the flowers of paradise.