India's Somnath in the role of Sheikh Kamal instead of Rawnak Bangabandhu Biopic
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India's Somnath in the role of Sheikh Kamal instead of Rawnak

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 19 Jan 2021, 08:45 pm

Dhaka, January 19: The Government of Bangladesh and the Government of India are jointly producing a film based on the biography of Bangladeshi architect Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Shyam Benegal from Mumbai, a renowned biopic master, has been chosen as the director to make this biopic.

The name of this film based on the biography of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is 'Bangabandhu'. Actor Raunak Hasan was supposed to play the role of Bangabandhu's eldest son Sheikh Kamal. His name was also announced from the Ministry of Information. The size of the dress was also taken according to the needs of his character.

The actor, who was initially selected, has been dropped from the film before a formal contract was signed. Instead, an Indian actor has been selected for the role of Sheikh Kamal. His name is Somnath Chatterjee. This information has been confirmed by Bangladesh part line producer Mohammad Hossain Jamie.

He said, ‘The character of Bangabandhu’s eldest son Sheikh Kamal is very important in this movie. Raunak Hasan was our first choice in this role. An excellent actor. But the director of the film Shyam Benegal has found some flaws in the character about Raunak. That is why an Indian actor named Somnath Chatterjee was taken in his place. '

Referring to Shyam Benegal, Jamie said that the film will show the character of Sheikh Kamal from the age of 18-20. The age of Raunak does not reflect the 20-year-old Sheikh Kamal. That’s why the director has changed this character.

Somnath Chatterjee has been selected by Shyam Benegal. Looking at various information, not much is known about this actor. Several people searched for Somnath on Google search. A Somnath was found with a movie called 'Inevitable', 'The Bunty'.

Another is Somnath Chakraborty who is the actor of Kolkata movie 'Raat Jaga Tara'. We have to wait to know which of these Somnaths has been chosen or any other Somnath.