Koushani Mukherjee in Dhaka: Filming of 'Dark World' to start Dark World
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Koushani Mukherjee in Dhaka: Filming of 'Dark World' to start

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 08 Feb 2024, 03:22 am

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 8 February 2024: The controversy over Mustafizur Rahman Manik's movie 'Dark World' has not subsided. In the beginning, it is known that actress Mahiya Mahi is breaking a break with this movie. After that, Mahi withdrew from the movie because of the producer and hero Munna Khan. After a long hiatus, the shooting of 'Dark World' with Kolkata heroine Koushani Mukherjee is finally starting.

And as a part of that, this West Bengal actress came to Dhaka on Wednesday. The news of Kaushani's arrival in Dhaka was reported by producer Mostafizur Rahman Manik.

With some pictures on his Facebook, he said that the popular actress of two Bengals, Kaushani Mukherjee, is now in Dhaka. Greetings from the 'Dark World' team. Earlier, the producer said that the shooting of the movie will start again from tomorrow Thursday. Kaushani will be seen in the role of a police officer. Producer and actor Munna Khan is paired opposite him. There are also Misha Saudagar, Deepa Khandkar, Shiva Shanu and many others.

Meanwhile, Boney Sengupta and Kaushani Mukherjee have been dating for several years. Whenever they get a chance, the two are flying here and there to spend time alone. They are regularly publishing those pictures on social media. Fans are looking forward to know the official news of their marriage. There is only one question, when are Boni-Koushani getting married?

But this time Kaushani opened up about marriage. He recently released a video on social media. It is seen that the heroine is rolling down from a slip. Enjoyed playing games like children. He was not alone there, however. There were lovers Boney Sengupta, Somraj Maiti and many others. Kaushani wrote in the caption, 'Meanwhile everyone is getting married and raising children. On the other hand, I don't want to end my childhood. Happy to be still young at heart.