Pori Moni's mustard field adventure with cousins Adventure
Facebook Pori Moni with her cousins

Pori Moni's mustard field adventure with cousins

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 13 Jan 2024, 09:01 pm

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 13 January 2024: Actress Pori Moni loves to celebrate every moment of life along with acting. She likes to spend time laughing even in the midst of hostile environment. Wherever Pori Moni goes, she ushers in the festivities. Recently she went to her ancestral home in Barisal and made every moment there happy. She also shared the photos of these moments with her fans on social media.

On Friday, January 12, Pori Moni visited the mustard field of the village with her team! In the pictures, Pori Moni is seen enjoying the outing. She also clicked multiple pictures in different poses.

Sharing these pictures on Facebook, Pori Moni wrote, "The story behind these pictures was very adventurous. Leaving Babu (her son Rajya) asleep in the car, I went down to an unknown market with a cloth covering my nose and face to look for a saree. After searching a lot, I finally bought the saree and blouse."

Talking about keeping the time of the day, Pori Moni wrote, "The sun was about to set. We hadn't eaten our lunch yet. What else can you do when you are hungry and go down to such a beautiful field. After reaching my house, I ate duck meat and rice. By then the sun had almost set. In the meantime, we were able to capture some beautiful moments while getting ready and laughing on the field."

Referring to the moment of joyousness, Pori Mani writes, "Oh Pari apu, let's all wear the same saree and take pictures in the mustard field."

Finally Pori wrote, "And I accomplished this great deed in less than an hour and a half. When you're my age, you'll bond with your little ones like I did. These crazy things save life in joy. Cousins Forever."