Tawsif Mahbub to star in 'Porir Moto Bou' Bangla Natok
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Tawsif Mahbub to star in 'Porir Moto Bou'

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 17 Dec 2022, 06:17 pm

Dhaka, December 17: Tawsif Mahbub and Keya Payal are popular stars of this generation of small screen. They will be seen together again in a drama titled 'Porir Moto Bou' produced under the banner of CMV.

The drama is written and directed by director Mohammad Miftah Anan.

The story of the play will be seen, Ashiq is the only son of a wealthy father in old Dhaka. His goal in life is not to become a doctor, engineer or pilot; The only thing you want is to take home a beautiful wife! Tawsif has played this role.

His mother gave hundred percent support to his wish. The search began for a bride. The only condition is that even though the moon has spots, her son's wife must be perfect. Finally, after a lot of confusion, Ashiq and his mother got a wife like Pori (a fairy). Keya Payal will play the role of the wife.

Regarding the play, the director's comment is like this, "Actually, there are people of all kinds in this beautiful world. Such a lover. He is not alone, his family is also strange. Whose only aim is to bring home a wife like Pori. What does this family do for that. And I have tried to highlight how the life of a bride like Pari makes it painful. I hope the audience will have fun and many characters will find themselves in this story!"

Monira Mithu, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban and others acted in different roles in the play.